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Rediscovering Landscapes

An interactive installation and workshop series that asks what dance can do to support the climate crisis?

Visitor Response

"I instantly felt calm, as if stepping into nature itself."

Rediscovering Landscapes invites you to experience the findings from an investigation into the effectiveness of dance as a method of climate communication. It focuses on how dance can combat anthropocentrism and other psychological barriers to climate action.

The Rediscovering Landscapes installation was installed at Cowdray Hall in Aberdeen Art Gallery and the Anatomy Rooms Lecture Theatre during the 2022 DanceLive Festival in Aberdeen and at the Dance in Situ Showcase at Trinity Laban in June 2022.

The workshops were initially run with research participants at Trinity Laban in London during March 2022. Melissa then received a small bursary from Shaper/Caper to develop these further and presented a condensed accessible vision during the Creatiful Festival in Dundee in November 2022.


The Installation

The installation is an intimate space which invites audiences to observe and question their current outlooks on the climate crisis. It is meant for reflection, interaction and to be used as a conversation starter.

It's Elements

Film 1: What do I do with all this? Dancer: Jemma Stein

Produced: Melissa Heywood

Film 2: Reconnect to the Land Dancer: Katie Taylor Produced: Melissa Heywood

Audio Guide

Voice Actor: Louis Greatorex

Visual Information Posters 1 & 2 Design: Melissa Heywood Design Assistant: Louis Greatorex

Seedback Station

Concept: Melissa Heywood

The Workshops

The workshops are a guided experience facilitated by Melissa Heywood. The sessions include visualisation tasks, group work, movement exercises, writing/drawing prompts, reflective time and open discussions.

The main focus of these workshops is to explore our individual connection to the climate with the hope that this focused time will encourage climate solutions and forward thinking to arise naturally.

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